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Read about Zoreldda (Zelda) Nuit, interpreter of the mystical life spirits' knowledge of the future
About Zoreldda
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Profile of Zoreldda Nuit, interpreter of Mystical Colour Fortunes

The world's only interpreter of
Mystical Colour Fortunes.

Zoreldda is a direct descendant of the Deloofuoy race of mystics which originated in an alternative universe called Mnmnhy Pnxyq. As with all Deloofuoy, Zoreldda is able to interpret the life spirits knowledge of the future and make predictions based on that knowledge. You can find out more about the Deloofuoy mystics.

If you were to meet Zoreldda in the street, you would probably not realise that she has the rare talent of being able to interpret the life spirits' knowledge. She is in her mid 40's, quite slim and has an attractive appearance. With long, flowing black hair, piercing blue-green eyes and a smart style in clothing, she is the sort of person you would see and think;

"I've seen her on television... or was it in that film?"

Zoreldda has two great loves in her life. The first is her cat, a ginger tom called Grey. Zoreldda isn't sure why she called him Grey,

"He just seemed like a grey sort of cat."
she claims. Most people take an instant liking to Grey. He is a large, fluffy bundle of fun and is totally devoted to Zoreldda.
"I don't know what I would do without him,"
says Zoreldda, in a dreamy sort of way,
"we just couldn't bear to be separated."
"Meow, meow."
agrees Grey.

Zoreldda's other great interest is her poetry. But although most people would love her cat, her poetry takes a little more getting used to. However, due to numerous requests from visitors we have added a page of Zoreldda's poetry.

Footnote: Zoreldda's surname is pronounced "new-it".

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