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From 19th November 2018



Most things at the moment are working in your favour. This means that you can take a few risks in your day to day life. Decide what you would most like to do and give it a try. You are full of ideas about what other people should be doing. Most of these suggestions will be accepted by the people affected as long as you are subtle in the way you explain things.


A younger person needs a firm hand and clear guidance but will not take kindly to your apparent interference. You can overcome their objections or emotional reaction by explaining the consequences of their actions. You will end up being better respected for you patience and effort. New friends will give a boost to your social life. One of these people is looking for a more permanent relationship but this may not be what you want at the moment.


Try to balance you life a little better in the future - you have been neglecting too many things in favour of an easy life. Unfortunately life is a mixture of good and bad and you must be more realistic. An unexpected invitation will delight you but you may not be able to accept. Do not worry about this as it will not affect other invitations which may be made in the future.


You will soon have a chance to achieve an ambition or dream you never thought possible. Make the most of this and it may help you to aim for other goals in your life. Talk to a close friend about a problem which is making you concerned or worried. The support and reassurance given by this friend will help you to overcome any difficulties you are experiencing now.


You have been working and playing hard recently and your energy levels are down. It's about time you gave yourself a bit of a break, recharged your batteries and prepared for another busy spell coming soon. Concentrate on matters at home now. There are disturbances ahead which can be largely avoided if you take preventative action sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is some unpleasantness spoiling your smooth running life.

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