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From 18th June 2018



Your mind is wandering a lot at present, perhaps you are daydreaming about something you long for. Try to find an alternative way of satisfying this need soon, it is unlikely that you can have what you desire so much. You could be in line for a pay increase at work, possibly connected with a change of responsibilities. This may not be convenient at first but is worth sticking with until it bears fruit. Don't expect too much from any new situation, a further change is looming up in a couple of years.


There is much to be explored and enjoyed on the social front. In particular, you may be planning a night out with a friend who has been away for a while. This re-union will turn out even better than you expected and could lead to a small surprise. Take care with your money for the moment, there are some minor disturbances ahead. These should not be too serious as long as you keep control. The longer term financial situation is looking better and things should be back on track fairly quickly.


You may have been neglecting jobs at home which need to be done. The sooner these are cleared up, the easier it will be to get on with something more exciting. Others will be very willing to help, but you will have to ask them first. A secret desire for someone, possibly at work, should be kept under wraps for now. The situation is likely to change soon and showing your hand too early will put the cat amongst the pigeons, leading to conflict.


Life is running along smoothly at the moment and will continue to do so for the next couple of weeks. Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself, put your feet up, take a holiday, pamper yourself a little. Your partner or a close family member has something to tell you, which they are finding difficult to do. Encourage them when they appear to be talking about nothing in particular and the issue will come out. But do not put them on the spot or try to force it out of them, the result will be disastrous.


Several spectacular events will take place in your life soon. Although these are welcome, you could find yourself being tossed from one side of life to the other. The chaos will soon pass and you will be wiser and happier as a result of the few weeks of hyperactivity. A romantic meeting with a stranger will make you think twice about where life is taking you. You should work out plans for your future now to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Build on the foundations you have laid in recent months to ensure success.

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