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Weekly interpretation from Zoreldda Nuit's Mystical Colour Fortunes

From 22nd April 2019



Avoid unnecessary risks this week, straying from a comfortable and familiar routine is likely to upset you and those around you. Spend some time with yourself and get back in touch with your inner spirit. You will then feel more calm and relaxed. A recent friendship will flourish into a more intense relationship. Although this will probably only be brief, make the most of it and you will learn a lot about yourself and your friend.


A small windfall can be expected which will allow you to complete some plans you have been working on. Try to tie up a few loose ends in your life, a busy time ahead is coming. A problem you thought had been solved comes back to disrupt your routine again. Try several solutions to eliminate the difficulties you are experiencing. It won't be long before you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Heed a warning from a friend about your state of health. You know you are not at your peak and this person will be able to help you back to your normal self. A long running dispute, possibly with a neighbour, needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. If the problem continues much longer, it will become much more serious and may spread to involve more people.


You are often frustrated by the limitations of other people at work. You might consider changing the work you do to put yourself in a more positive and productive environment. This could give you many more options for your personal development in the long term. Despite the turbulence in your life you need to be patient with an older person who is not in the best of health. This situation will improve more quickly as a result of your involvement and other people will give you their support too.


Your sense of adventure will lead you in to some troublesome situations. Don't let this put you off, life always has its ups and downs. You normally cope well with awkward people and problems and this week is no exception. People with your mystical colour are going to experience a lot of unusual activities over the next few weeks. You may be visiting a strange place or taking part in some sort of special event.

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