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From 11th February 2019



Good luck is with you in almost everything you do at the moment. Make the best of this but take care not to abuse you good fortune. The mystical spirits are on your side but will not reward selfishness or greed. If you do not seem to be getting on well with a new friend, it is likely to be largely down to their indifference. Do not worry about this, your patience will be rewarded later in the year when this person is in a more positive mood. Strong friendships take time to grow.


Despite warnings from family and friends, you are trying to do too much at the moment. You know that you must make adjustments to your lifestyle. A stranger who has a blue mystical colour will be the trigger for these changes soon and you will be grateful for their advice and help. There is an exciting time coming up this month. This could involve a large group of people who will be travelling close to where you live. Their journey will give you food for thought and you may wish to join them. Before deciding, think about what commitment this will need from you and how it will affect other aspects of your life.


Things appear, finally, to be settling down a bit. But there are still one or two obstacles to overcome. If you tackle these situations knowing that better times are ahead you will find they are not as bad as they had first seemed. A wild animal, perhaps from a distant country, will have some impact on your life. You will be surprised by your reaction and will spend a lot of time trying to work out what it is all about. Everything will become clear in a few months time when a similar situation arises again.


Mystical spirits of your colour have everything going for them at this time. Health, relationships and money are running quite smoothly now and you shouldn't have a care in the world. A busy time is looming up in the near future. You should start preparing for this now. Why not tidy up your cupboards and clear out some old rubbish. A lick of paint wouldn't go amiss here and there. You could also give yourself a boost with some new clothes or a different hair style.


Routine tasks are favoured by your spirit, both at home and at work. Changes and new activities in your life will not go very well and could even be disastrous. Stick to what you know best. Finances still need to be kept under control, although you will be encouraged by others to spend more than you should. You must resist the temptation and keep something back for a rainy day - it will be here soon.

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