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From 24th September 2018



You will have several opportunities to show the world what you are capable of. At home, work and in your local community generally you will have lots of little successes which all add up to give a better impression of your talents and abilities. Changes at home are favoured and you may be redecorating or simply moving some furniture round. The change will do you good and give you a break from the usual routine. However, these changes are just cosmetic and you will have to make more fundamental changes to improve things further.


An immature person is becoming an annoyance. Unfortunately, you can only put up with this, there is no easy solution. Try to be patient and the situation will resolve itself over the next few weeks. You will be attracted to a green mystical spirit. This attraction will lead to greater happiness for you both. However, you will eventually go your separate ways but will be more content as a result of the time you shared together.


Throw convention to the wind and try a new experience at the end of the week. Other people may try to discourage you from this but if you do what you want you will enjoy it and have a good time. You feel as though you want to get back to nature. There are many ways you can do this. Seek out like-minded people and groups. They will help you fulfil your wishes and will benefit from your contribution too.


Put yourself into a position where you can take advantage of an opportunity to improve your status. There are a number of events going on around you where you can do this. Money matters are favoured at the present time. You will find you have more money available than you expected but you should spend it wisely as there are some minor financial difficulties looming.


Life has gone very quiet this week so take this opportunity to rest, relax and spend some time reflecting on recent times and looking forward to good things in the future. There are a few pleasant surprises coming over the next few weeks. Listen carefully to other people's opinions. Especially those of a recent acquaintance. If you try to force your own ideas on to everyone, they will fight back. Take a more subtle approach and you will win most people across to your way of thinking.

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