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From 19th March 2018

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Life is taking a back seat as you spend a lot of time planning for the future. Ideas you come up with now may not bear fruit for some time but the wait will be worth it. Take advice from others especially about things involving money. If you are considering making a large purchase, now is the time to do it. You are in a mood to treat yourself and will make every effort to afford this new purchase even if it means selling off some other things to raise the money.


Although you have been busy for a while, there is still more work to do before you are happy with your lifestyle. Stick with it, it should get easier all the time. How you deal with an old friend in a tricky situation will impress others who find out about the incident. This will in turn give you a bit of a boost and you will feel satisfied that you made some good decisions and made the effort to help.


Don't be surprised if a friend asks you a strange question. The discussions and activities which result from this will have a long term effect on both your lives. Keep an open mind and make the best of all the opportunities which present themselves. A very young member of the family will give cause for concern, perhaps a minor accident or one of those childhood illnesses. This is just one of those things that all children go through and will be all but forgotten about in a short while.


An interesting situation at work is likely to become more important to you very soon. This may not be directly related to the work you do, but more about the people you work with. Is someone about to retire or are a couple of the staff about to get married? All will turn out well. There is little chance of you getting a break at the moment. With things busy in all areas of your life. For now you will thrive on this, but you should be planning a temporary change to give yourself a breather. Enjoy it!


Recent events have led you to make small changes in your lifestyle. There are further changes ahead and these will cause some disruption and uncertainty but will not be a serious problem. You seem to be having a lot of visitors right now, some from far away. You enjoy their company but need a little time to yourself. Why not arrange a party and invite everyone together, this will make life a bit less hectic afterwards and you will all have a great time.

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