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From 15th January 2018

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You may have to fight for your rights in a difficult situation. For most readers this will be a minor dispute such as a complaint in a shop but for some it could involve a more serious legal matter. Hard work and effort over a long period is now paying off and you can take it easy. Slow down, take a break or give yourself a treat. Enjoy the rewards you have earned.


You're feeling full of energy and are ready for anything. Put this to good use by helping someone to complete a task they have been struggling with. However, you may not receive full recognition for your help. You need to re-evaluate your personal financial circumstances and build a firm foundation for the future. Although a small windfall is due, you should not rely on this as it will disappear as quickly as it came.


At work there will be some conflict with a fellow employee. This will not lead to a long term problem and should produce some worthwhile results which will be of benefit to everyone involved. You will need to make an important decision this week. Take your time over this as it will have a long term impact on many aspects of your life. A wrong decision made now will be difficult to reverse in the future.


It is important that you communicate clearly with people close to you. Misunderstanding can cause friction between everyone involved and in the worst case could mean the break up of long established partnerships. Don't be put off doing something you really want to even if others aren't very enthusiastic. You are quite entitled to ignore their views if what you are doing has no direct effect on them.


You seem to be running into obstacles in almost everything you try to do. Be ready for more of the same for a few weeks at least. In particular, avoid any major changes in your life, they are unlikely to be very successful. You are likely to find yourself among crowds on more than one occasion this week. Make the most of this opportunity to find some new contacts who could help you at some time in the future.

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