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Weekly interpretation from Zoreldda Nuit's Mystical Colour Fortunes

From 15th July 2019



Something you have been asked to do for a social event will turn out to be more interesting and successful than you expected. You should not be surprised at this as you are normally successful in what you do. Rely on your own feelings in a sensitive romantic matter. The people offering you their advice don't know the whole picture and are unlikely to be able to suggest a course of action which will give you what you want.


It would be a good idea to avoid anyone who is the same mystical colour as yourself for a while. Even if you don't end up fighting with each other, there will be some unpleasant disagreements or misunderstandings. You may have to turn down an invitation of some kind. This will be disappointing for both yourself and the person who made the invitation. But do not worry, there will be plenty more opportunities soon.


You feel like celebrating and you do have lots to celebrate. Why not organise a party and invite all your family and friends along. Relax, let your hair down and everyone will have a fantastic time together. Be on the alert for a fellow worker trying to take advantage of you by devious means. Do not stoop down to their level in revenge. Instead, make sure everyone knows about all the good things you are doing.


Move forward cautiously and take care to avoid upsetting other people. Your family will support you more vigorously if you involve them and discuss the things you want to do. It seems that your talents are in demand with everyone. You should try to make time to be as helpful as possible. You will be rewarded for your efforts and support both immediately and in the longer term too.


You are feeling unhappy with yourself and this could take its toll on friendships over the next few days. Try to get away from life's complications for a while and you will return refreshed and ready for almost anything. Romance is due to feature a lot in your life in the coming weeks. You seem unsure about a long term relationship but it is worth sticking with it, the mystical spirits are there to keep an eye on both of you.

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