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Weekly interpretation from Zoreldda Nuit's Mystical Colour Fortunes

From 11th June 2018



An exciting opportunity is heading your way. But be on the alert for it, it is not very obvious and if you blink you may miss it! Pay particular attention to fast moving forms of transport. If you have fallen out with someone recently, it would be best to keep your distance for the time being. The colours are not yet right to patch up wounds but the situation will change for the better later this year.


Try to explain how you feel to your family or other loved ones. Remember, they are on your side. You should be able to work well behind the scenes now. It would be wise to keep a fairly low profile for the moment. Foreign events or connections will have a great influence on your life shortly. This could be a visit from distant relatives or a holiday abroad, perhaps arranged at the last minute. You feel full of energy right now, but hold some back, you will need it in a little while.


Face up to an important issue soon or there will be long term repercussions. You are facing a choice between helping people for financial reward or out of the goodness of your heart. Weigh up all the pros and cons of both options thoroughly before making your decision. You have been slightly concerned about your health recently, it is now time to get a second opinion. This will put your mind at ease whatever the outcome may be.


In your dealings with other people, especially those in authority, charm and gentle persuasion will be most successful for you. This is not a time to cause disruption or conflict. Money matters are high on your agenda right now. A large expense or unexpected windfall are just around the corner. Prepare yourself for longer term financial changes. Some of these changes will be disappointing, others delightful.


You may be wondering why a friend or relative seems to be ignoring you. This is not because of anything you have done. Why not contact them, find out how they are and help them with what they are doing. A tactful offer of help will be quickly accepted with rewards to everyone involved. You own goals need to be pursued vigorously too in the coming weeks. Success will follow a lot of careful organising and hard work. It will all be worth it in the end and you will look back on a job well done.

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