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From 12th November 2018



Family and friends are behind you this week, offering support and encouragement. This will give you the boost you need to make progress in several aspects of your life. Forget your problems and enjoy a bit of free time. Make good use of any fine weather that comes along in the next few weeks, you will be rewarded by the results of your efforts later in the year.


If you're ready for a holiday, now is the time to get away to new places. You don't need to stop in one place all the time, the more variety you have, the more you will enjoy yourself. A friend has puzzled you with something they said last week. Whatever this was it is nothing to worry about although the situation may not become clear for some time yet.


You seem to be coping quite well with life's ups and downs despite the confusion being caused. Things should settle down a little soon, allowing you time to relax. A financial surprise is just around the corner. It will not be very spectacular but will lift your self esteem for a while. Try not to get too carried away with the feeling it gives you.


No more financial problems for a while, the spirits are looking kindly upon your money matters. But this is no excuse for a spending spree, be sure you can afford what you want to buy. Working with other people is greatly favoured in the near future. You are unlikely to get far on your own, current activities are complex and need a wide range of knowledge and experience which is rare in one person.


Watch out for a Red person trying to interfere in your affairs. You will find them annoying you, even though they mean well and do not wish to control your life. Tactful avoidance will be the best solution. No matter where you are or what you do this month, keep a close eye on other members of the family. They are likely to be careless and accident prone and your Mystical stability now will help protect them.

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