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From 8th January 2018

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A man who is a red mystical spirit will surprise you with kind words or deeds. This will lead to a firm friendship which will benefit you both in different ways over the coming years, possibly in your respective careers. A decision made in haste will have unhappy consequences later. If you are in this position now, make sure you have all the facts and have considered everyone else's opinion before committing to a course of action.


Be careful not to upset someone you have only known for a short time. This person doesn't yet understand your personality fully and may misinterpret something you say or do. Stick to doing practical things especially as work. You will be delighted by seeing the end result of making or repairing something which you can use to help you or a colleague.


You are keen to support others at this time, whether this is through advice or practical help. Whatever you do, your kindness will be returned but not immediately. Life will get very busy over the next couple of weeks. You will feel rushed and eventually you will become tired. Try to balance your life better or you may suffer from health problems.


There is not long to go to a special event in your life and you are looking forward to this along with family and friends. Detailed preparations should now be made to avoid any confusion or problems nearer the time. There are likely to be changes in your work soon. These will not be major in nature but will mean putting in more effort in the short term. The more effort you put in to succeed, the happier you will feel.


Your artistic talents will come to the fore during the week. This is likely to please a group of children in particular. You may even begin to consider ways in which you could do more of this in the future. You may suffer a minor disappointment when you are travelling to a place you have never been before. You can learn a lot from this incident and avoid any similar problems in the future. You will find out that a friend has been in a similar situation too.

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