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From 17th June 2019



Time is on your side in plans you are making. Do not rush into anything, especially if travel is involved. Remember, the Mystical Spirits will look after those who look after themselves! Think about some old friends you have lost contact with and try to get in touch again. One of these people may be able to offer an opportunity which is very attractive to you. Much good will come from this re-union.


Happy is probably the best word to describe how you are feeling at the moment but there are some unexpected problems looming up soon. If you try to stay happy despite these problems, you will overcome them quite easily. Big events are on the cards this week. Perhaps a family party or some form of entertainment. It would be best to stay in the background in these situations. Let others take the responsibility so you can enjoy the experience.


You do not normally have any problems with money matters but you should check your current finances and possibly make some small changes. This will put you in good stead for the next few years and you can get on with the more important things in life. A romantic night out will lift your spirits for a while but will also leave you wanting to repeat the experience. Rather than doing this too often, why not cherish the good memories you already have.


A difficult job seems to be never-ending and you still have more work to do before you are finished. You may think all the effort is not worthwhile and you may be right. Whatever you think of a person who has been unkind to you, don't let them know how you feel. This person is not really nasty, just going through a bad patch. Give them time to sort themselves out and they will pay you back for your patience.


Your family and friends seem to be taking up a lot of your time just now. Helping them will give you much satisfaction and everyone will be happy. This situation is likely to last for some time yet. An unusual piece of furniture you see in a magazine or perhaps on television sets you thinking about redecorating or moving house. You will find any changes you make go quite smoothly and you will be more settled afterwards.

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