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From 4th February 2019



Life is going well for you at the moment and recent worries are now just distant memories. Try to spend some time relaxing, at home or get away for a few days. There is little to upset you now, whatever you are doing. One of your closest friends seems to be confused about something and may not agree with your point of view. Stick to your guns, you are more objective than they are. Eventually, with gentle persuasion, they will see things from your position and take steps in the right direction.


A story in the news will greatly affect you and lead you to take some action for the good of another, less fortunate person. This is likely to be someone whose mystical colour is red. The two colours are due to have a substantial interaction soon and both will benefit from this in different ways. There are strong emotions building up, perhaps due to an on-going stressful situation. Do not allow this to get out of hand but make those emotions work for your own good. Your self esteem will be boosted once you have dealt with these matters.


Turbulent forces in recent times are still active. However, help is on its way and you will see a big improvement very soon. Someone, probably with a green mystical colour, will be able to help in some significant way. Both you and they will find personal rewards as a result of the sharing of something positive. Don't be put off by a refusal from a neighbour. There are very good reasons why this person is unable to accept your invitation. This will depend on what your invitation is for (a social event, co-operative venture or request for help). Be assured that future invitations will not be turned down so quickly.


Past memories are uppermost in your thoughts and this is a time for reflection, consolidation and nostalgia. Let the future take care of itself for now, there are no signs of serious problems ahead. Something said by a close relative is likely to set you on a short journey of discovery. Although not a major event in your life, this will be enjoyable and even exciting at times. Other people you encounter on this trip will guide and encourage you, filling you with confidence. You may even have an encounter with somebody or something from your distant past. Enjoy yourself.


Mixing with friends old and new will give you the greatest rewards this month. Parties, re-unions and individual encounters are coming up soon. Enjoy these to the full and other people will enjoy them too as a result. A small problem at work is likely to be resolved in a satisfactory way for everyone. However, you must take the lead on this and ensure that everyone is involved and given a fair hearing. You will gain much credit for your initiative and control of the situation.

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