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Weekly interpretation from Zoreldda Nuit's Mystical Colour Fortunes

From 17th September 2018



A close relative puts you in your place making you re-assess your attitudes towards several matters. Try to take a more realistic and conventional view of life. It is always difficult for a square peg to fit into a round hole. This week will be very quiet on all fronts and will give you time to take a short break from recent difficulties. Clear your mind and prepare for a few more minor problems over the next few weeks.


Put recent events behind you and look to the future with optimism. You can expect a long spell of calm and pleasant circumstances and this will attract others to share in your good fortune. A trip to a nearby town will reward you with an interesting and happy experience. Try to repeat this in different places and under different circumstances, the results will be similar in most cases.


You need more time to yourself. The only way to get this is to keep well out of the way of other people who make excessive demands on your precious time. Let others take the lead for a while, you will achieve more working in the background. Don't worry, your turn will come shortly to show off your particular talents and receive the praise you are due.


Take your time over a complex task. Rushing to finish will result in accidents or damage of some sort. If this happens the consequences lead to undesirable changes in your life. Your financial situation is improving and you can be a little less cautious in your spending. Think about how other people can benefit from this, a gift or a treat for a friend will be paid back in the future when you need it.


Partnerships, whether personal or business, will have their ups and downs this week. Don't let this distract you from your joint and individual goals, just try to ride the storm. Your good side will show through in everything you do right now. Make the most of this and things will only get better. Friends and family will be closely involved in many aspects of your life this week.

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