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Historical background to Mystical Colour Fortunes by Zoreldda Nuit

Mystical Colour Fortunes are a way of interpreting the future based on people's names. The method can be traced back to ancient times when members of a race of mystics visited and settled on earth from their home universe, Mnmnhy Pnxyq.

The members of this race, known as the Deloofuoy, are believed to have existed for over 800 million years. They set great importance by names and believed that a human person's name was influenced by the earthly life spirits who watched over individual people throughout their lives.

The life spirits could see the future and their knowledge could be interpreted by the Deloofuoy mystics to guide themselves and their families in their daily lives.

However, almost 4500 years ago, one catastrophic incident caused the Deloofuoy to be virtually wiped out of existence. From writings found on stones and rock walls, it seems that one elderly member of the race, suffering from a delirious fever, told of a natural disaster which would destroy their crops in the following year. So, the leaders of the settlers decided to sow the crops in a new area, which had poor, infertile soil. The following year the crops failed and only a small number of the Deloofuoy survived. The disaster never happened.

Today, it is estimated that there are over a quarter of a million direct descendants of the original settlers. Each one has the potential to use their mystical powers to interpret the life spirits' knowledge. However, only a handful of them realise they have these powers and only one, Zoreldda Nuit, actually puts them to use.

You can find out what the life spirits know about your future by reading your own mystical colour fortune each week.

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